WordPress Image Optimization- Increase the Speed of Your Site

Did you know that you have just three seconds to make a sale? Yes, it’s true! According to Google research in 2018, 53% of mobile users switch to another site if your website does not responds within three seconds. Therefore if you want to keep your audience engaged, then you must know some things that can benefit your online business. Are you aware of WordPress image optimization? If you are running a site, then you need to know this. Stick here and understand what is and how it is done.

What Is WordPress Image Optimization?

You might be wondering, even though you build a great site with HD images, but still, you are not able to make sales. Why is this happening? If you are confused about this thing, then you should carefully inspect the images on your website. It’s not always about putting HD images; instead of this, it’s also about optimizing those images.

Many customers may leave your page even after opening it because images are loading slowly. They will not connect to the content written with the pictures, and eventually, they will find reading useless. Therefore to target your customers, you need to optimize your images on word press.

Perks of WordPress image Optimization
  • Makes Your Site Speedy

What makes a site attractive to customers? The website that has high-quality images, but, what is the use of such HD-images that are slower to load? Yes, this is something where you might lack, and you need to correct yourself. Optimization of images on WordPress makes your image load faster, and it makes your site lighter and helps viewers to know rapidly about the content you have put.

  • Enhance SEO Rankings

Be it any optimization, the primary reason behind that is to increase the SEO rankings. If you are doing WordPress image optimization also, your SEO results will improve. More the more manageable your site will become to access, the more the users will like it.

Boost in Sales

Once the work of optimization is done and the ranking of your site increases, customers will start to visit your site more than ever. If your site is among the top results, it will grasp the eyes of customers. It builds the trust of online visitors as well. They will prefer your website to make a purchase, and it will eventually boost your sales.


WordPress image optimization can make your site number one. There are several ways which you can adopt to do this work such as compression, image file format, and much more.






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