What to Adopt From Newspapers for Fantastic Web Designing?

Every art has the essence of something ancient, which means any art you pick has an old master. In the case of web designing, it is the newspaper, as the work of a website is to grasp the attention of the user and make it return, Newspapers are doing this thing for many years.

If you look at the basic principles of news designing, you will find it similar to web designing. The best practices of newspaper design and web designing are almost identical. We will tell you about some of the best practices that newspaper designers do and their uses in online web designing.

Develop Curiosity from the First Page

There is a term in web designing, which is called “above the fold,” Which means the content you see when you open a page on the web. Same in the case of newspaper, above the folded term is used, which means the upper half of the paper. The publications are significant, so typically, they are wrapped in halves to make it handy. In the top half of the press, there is the most important news of the paper with big headlines, critical pieces of information, and striking imagery. The purpose is to make a solid impression on the person whoever sees it and make him buy a copy of the newspaper.

Same in the case of web designing, the landing page of the website decides if the user will stay on the website or click back. So the landing page of the design should be attractive yet can hook the user.

Get A Good Nameplate

The nameplate of every newspaper, which is the name of the paper with logo, generally published on top of the front page, is the thing that will not change edition to edition. They act as a branding of the newspaper. Publishers also use teasers with nameplates to tell you stories that can’t find the front page spot on the papers but are worthy for the reader to know. The teaser then guides the reader to that page where the story is published—same in the case of web designing where the nameplate is called a header.

Every big website has its header, which is attractive yet grabs the reader on the page. You can see the performance of the websites which do not have header as compared to the websites which have a header. Very few people can remember the domain of the site, but a banner is a thing that everybody can easily remember. So an excellent and easy to remember nameplate can make your website gain traffic quickly.


A newspaper can teach you a lot about web designing, and if you observe the paper more often, you can master the art of web designing. The primary purpose of the newspaper and website remains the same, which is grabbing the attention of the person and making them, take an interest in the content. Both have many similar things and best practices, which the designer can choose according to the needs and make a perfect website for clients.







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