Websites of the week – CSS Awards

Below are 9 beautiful websites, covering everything from minimalist design and simple navigation to parallax scrolling.

1. Jeans for Refugees

Jeans for Refugees is a global fundraising initiative created by artist Johny Dar. Celebrities donate their jeans to Dar and he paints them to raise money and auction them off.


Official website of PANAMÆRA, a Paris-based creative production company representing multi-talented directors.

3. Wirewerks

Wirewerks is an industry-leading manufacturer of advanced optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems and products.

4. Calexo

A sparkling cannabis beverage made with high-quality fruit juices, botanicals and nano-emulsified THC.

5. Yoichi Kobayashi

I’m a Web Developer. Just love World-Wide-Web. I explored what my identity was and tried to express it as much as possible using whatever technology I have now.

6. Emanuele Milella

Portfolio of Emanuele Milella. Creative Director & Interactive Designer.

7. Wannabe™

Wannabe™ is an independent online store, selling high-end iconic collectibles of action figures and props for lovers and newbies worldwide.

8. Pitok Motor Museum

An independent small motor museum with many stories and vintage motorcycle restored with passion

9. Playful Creative Collective

Playful specialises in art direction & moving picture campaigns, merging live action with cgi & new technologies to craft captivating animations & short films.






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