Vanishing Colors From Online Design For Color Blinds-Is It Needed?

I gifted a bonny blue dress to my wife because it’s her favorite color, but when she un-wrapped it, she said she did not wish for a green outfit. I was devastated why she sees the dress green? Yes, have you ever met a person who finds it difficult to distinguish between specific colors that look somehow similar?

Yes, it is common, and from the sources of Color Blind Awareness, this is found in one in twelve men, and in women, the count is one among two-hundred. Moreover, if you look upon the count of color blind people worldwide, then it is 300 million. But do you know the number of color blind users is there who use online interfaces regularly? If you are a designer, then here are some tips for you to design content that is color blindness friendly.

How To Design Keeping Color Blind In Mind?

Many famous personalities are running top-notch online platforms, and they are color blind. Be it Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, or the most admired Prince William, all of them are successful despite being affected by color blindness. With such a vast population affected by this problem, it becomes a duty for the designers to design an online interface that is easy on the eyes of color blinds.

Define the Color

If someone is purchasing a product online and they have color blindness, then how will they know if they are buying the apt product? Yes, it is not vital to name every color on your design mention to the point color of the product. Avoid using terms such as grape color, because everyone can’t sense what you are trying to say. Go with the description that mentions the name of the color. It will cut off the time of customers attempting to relate to the color.

Show Contrast by Using Textures

The use of textures in designing an online interface is not a new thing. It’s been several years that textures are enhancing the aesthetics of designs. But, it also has one more benefit, and that is the improved contrast for color blind people

Leaving the background image opaque enhances the contrast, and it becomes easier for color blinds. Further adding easily identified colors can also help.


Color Blindness is not a new term, and thus keeping this aspect in mind, designers should approach designing the online interfaces.







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