Tips and Tricks of Figma to Make the Designing Process Faster

To make your workflow quicker and designing process more straightforward and smooth, a designer needs to use as much shortcuts keys as possible. Shortcut Keys saves a lot of time for the designer, and it became easier to meet the deadlines by submitting work on time. There are several shortcuts and tricks in all the designing software, which you can use daily to make the design more efficient. Here are some tricks and tips of Figma, which you can use daily to enhance your design efficiently. Therefore consider these tricks before you design something new.

Importing Multiple Images with Shortcut Key

A designer makes use of images for several purposes. It is essential as it enhances the beauty of the design. In Figma, importing several photos at once is very easy using shortcut key Ctrl/cmd + Shift + K, and after importing, you can paste the images of any layer and object of your choice. You can see the photos imported and placed in real-time, which makes this process much convenient.

Batch Renaming Of Layers

We all name layers to ease the designing process and to not make the layers too clutter. It makes finding the layer easy and saves a lot of time for the designer. Sometimes we need to rename a bunch of layers during exporting. Figma makes your task more comfortable as there is a feature of batch renaming the layers, you can rename the whole layer name or any portion of it.

Not only layers, but you can also rename a specific character in a layer name or put a different number to each segment that you can export later as a separate file. There is also an option of search and replace by typing “Match” Field.

Use of Emoji In The Frame Name To Differentiate It From Others

If several designers are working on a similar file, the process became very confusing as one can be confused about which layer is in progress or which one is ready. But not in Figma because you can add emoji before the frame name to differentiate them from others, and it becomes easy for all to know the status of the frame. You can add emoji by just pressing (Windows shortcut: Win key + . or Win key + ; / Mac shortcut: Cmd + Ctrl + space).


These are the tricks you can use in Figma to save you a lot of time and effort to make your design more straightforward and faster. Figma comes with a lot of shortcut keys and tricks which you can explore to make yourself familiar with the designing software. These are some of the tricks, which will help you in making some jaw-dropping designs.



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