Things to Avoid While Designing a Mobile Application

Did you know a flawless user experience can potentially raise your conversion rate to 400%?

Yes, it’s not the functionality that attracts visitors but the experience they had on your website. A UX design is a crucial element for designing a mobile application successfully. However, creating an app could be a little challenging if you don’t may the needed attention it. And, if you want to make a great mobile application, you can learn from the mistakes of others.

Here are a few conditions you should avoid while designing a mobile application.

Offering Too Many Features

If you think more features means more visitors, you are mistaken. However, considering the feedback of users, features are not something they are looking for.

More features make the app messy, thus confusing the users. So, add the necessary features and concentrate on them only as it will make your application meaningful.

Not Meeting The User’s Expectations 

Gaining new users is a difficult task. So, try to convert your visitors into your clients. For this, you need to meet your customer’s expectations.

Since different people have different needs, make sure you make their first experience wonderful.

Avoid asking users to complete lengthy forms. Also, instead of sing-ups, you can let your user log in using their social media accounts.

CTA Positioning

“Call To Action” button prompts users to take the next step. It not only captures the lead but also impacts the user experience.

So, for the maximized benefits, make sure to place the CTA correctly. Also, make the tagline compelling, so users are forced to click on it.

For instance, you can use “Get a 20% discount” or “Get free coupon code.”

Not Collecting User Feedback 

Not obtaining the user’s feedbacks might be the reason your website is lagging.

Make sure you ask your customers to leave a genuine review while leaving your site. After this, you must consider their suggestions and incorporate them while improving your website. This will offer a better user experience.

Bad Testing 

Not testing your website for bugs is also a common mistake most developers make. Considering the current competition, even a small mistake or bug can make users uninstall your app.

So, make sure the app is free from bugs and is compatible with various sizes and devices.


So, these were a few things you must avoid while designing a mobile application. Also, try new things and see what works best for your website. It could be new positioning of your button or the font color.






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