Should You Switch from Other Software’s To Sketch for UI Design?

Interface designers keep on looking for new tools to use. Hence, with the advancement in technology, the latest UI design tools keep on launching. But, at this moment, Sketch is the one app that is overpowering anything else. Undoubtedly it is one of the apps, which gained fame within a less time-span. From multiple export options to the endless screen sizes combined with many pixel densities, it has a much important reason for you to have a look at it. Therefore if you still haven’t switched to Sketch for UI design, here are some significant specifications of this, which you need to know.

Significant Features of Sketch for UI design

Fully Vector based

One of the major concerns for ay designer is to create high-quality designs, which is not possible in raster-based editors. Sketch enables you to do work without losing the quality. Therefore you do not have to bother about the variety of designs.

Furthermore, the vector-based Sketch enables you to create artwork of any size. Moreover, you can scale it up or down as per your needs. Whereas, on other editors like Photoshop, if you create anything and you do not have access to smart objects, your artwork will look horrible when scaled up. You cannot rely on Photoshop for developing Vector-based graphics or designs.

Enables Shared Style

Are you seeking to create a similar type of body copy, update it in one place and utilize it in multiple locations? If yes, then Sketch for UI design is the solution for you. It enables you to all your requirements. Here, you can have a repeating button along with a specific fill color, and shadow, etc.

Moreover, you can draw with ease, and then you can share style to it. This is not it! Further, for the next time, if you wish to apply the same manner, all you have to do is to draw any old shape and then use a Shared Style to it.

Share Your Work with Ease

Have you ever faced a situation while working on Photoshop, where you have to share your work with the client? If yes, then you know the struggle of sending a bulky file size, which slows down your work. If yes, then you can now easily create a file of any desired size, and then export it into multiple volumes.

For instance, if you have 5000p x wide art board and you want to share it as 500px wide in emails, you can send it conveniently.


Sketch for UI design is the most appropriate option, and the list of perks of having this is long. It also enables you with plenty of plugins.







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