Mobile Marketing Trends To Know for 2020

If your online business is confined to just a desktop version, then you are missing something significant. Yes, 52% of online traffic uses mobiles for accessing the websites, and why not to use, when you are getting such comfort. Further mobile enables the user with one more facility, which is the portability.

Therefore if you want to enlarge your market and want to target more audience, then you should give a thought about it. Not just this, you will have to be updated about the ongoing mobile marketing trends. One cannot ignore the fact that marketing is a vital part of attracting traffic. Here are some patterns of mobile marketing that you should try.

Mobile Marketing Trends

Omnichannel Marketing

We are living in a world where users are enabled with multiple devices. The user may end-up using mobile for searching for something, but they can also use desktops or smart-television. Therefore to be ready with the cross-channel content strategy is vital for you to build a robust online platform for the users. In this way, one can grow a relationship with clients stronger and can communicate effectively.

Search Visually!

Have you ever heard of sci-fi movies? If no, then you are missing an essential mobile marketing trend. The world is going digital, and thus it is also a gift of technology. A user can point their mobile camera towards the object around them to associate web search. Isn’t it amazing? You can take the example of Google Lens. It was developed by Google that is designed to show the relevant information related to the visual search. Thus, you need to ask yourself when you are going visually active for users.

Instagram Ads

With zillions of active users monthly, Instagram has achieved a massive number of users who admire it a lot. Due to this fact, marketers are now using it as an essential marketing tool. Therefore it is one of the crucial mobile marketing trends that one needs to follow to grasp more audiences. Instagram ads in the form of stories and posts are there through which you can advertise your online business. In addition to these, Instagram keeps on adding new and efficient options to do marketing.


Mobile trends keep on changing each year, and as an online business owner, you need to keep an eye on everything. Mobile marketing trends can help you to build a massive marketing community.






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