Interest the User with Interactive Infographics

Are you aware of the fact that ninety percent of data transmitted to the brain is visual? Each day we come across zillions of vital information, and it is nothing less than skill to make your piece of information stand out and create a more significant impact on users. For designers, it becomes a task to convey a message to the audience in a way that it will have a strong impression. Here are some tricks which you can use to set your design apart from others and to create an interactive infographic.

Photo by Charles Deluvio
Catchy and Concise Text

The primary thing which you need to consider as a designer is that people love scrolling! Yes, the user only spends a few seconds on one post, and then they move to another. Therefore the primary rule to grasp the attention of the audience is not to add fluff to your infographic. If you think that more the information will please the users than you are wrong here. Rather than adding plenty of information, you must keep it concise and try to focus on the animation part. Design some interactive infographics and keep it short plus straightforward.

Give Space!

Yes, your infographic also does need space. It would be best if you always kept in mind that leaving a perfect white space or the negative space in your infographic is vital. It enhances the legibility and makes your data more readable. Negative space, also known as breathing space, helps the audience to get an idea about what your design is trying to tell. A hard-on eyes infographic is often dull; that is why the spacing is a crucial part while designing.

Know Your Target Audience

For whom are you designing? Your audience! But if you are now aware of the taste of your users, how will you create an infographic that will grab their attention? Since you are designing for the audience, it is essential to determine what they are expecting from you.

For instance, your audience is curious to know more about coronavirus. But your infographics have nothing to do with that. Then what will happen? The answer is simple; your audience will eventually shift to somewhere else. To keep your target users stick on your work, you need to understand who your target audience is and what they are seeking from you.


Designing infographics that can connect well with the users is not that hard. All you have to do, think creatively, and try tricks to enhance the overall look of your design. Remember, an interactive infographic is key to the engaging audience towards your work.






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