How to Tackle the Cart Abandonment Problems your E-Commerce?

Nothing can be more annoying than facing an abandoned cart if you are running and e-commerce. Isn’t it? Yes, this struggle is real, and you should know that there are 67.9% of abandoned shopping carts. Abandonment is the process that is left incomplete by the user who adds items to the cart and leaves it without making a purchase. Cart abandonment is one of the common problems that need to be sought out.

There are several techniques in which you can come out of this problem and can conveniently generate higher store revenue, which is undoubtedly a goal of every online retailer. Here are some ways that can help out the developers and the designers to covert the warm leads into a customer who pays. You can divide this work into two segments to make your work easy one is the before abandonment, and another is the after scenario of it.

Things to Do Before Cart Abandonment
  • Optimizing According To Mobile

If you own e-commerce, then you must know the fact that 1.6 billion people use their phones to shop online across the globe. Therefore it becomes one of the essential steps to optimizing your online store according to the mobile. If you lack this, you might lose many right paying customers.

  • Relevant Product Description

If your customers have to wander around your e-commerce to find the relevant information related to the product they are eyeing, then they will eventually feel annoyed. That is why you need to add appropriate information regarding the products, and it should be clear so that the process becomes convenient for the users, and it reduces the chances of cart abandonment.

  • Add HD Images

Along with the written information, the visual information equally plays an essential role here. If you have added excellent and high-quality images of the products/ services, your customers get to visualize what they are buying. Furthermore, good images also compel the user to make a purchase, and in this way, cart abandonment chance reduces.

  • Have Latest Payment Options

These days’ people prefer to pay online with their UPI accounts rather than paying COD. Sometimes the users cannot be present while the parcel arrives. In such a situation, paying money becomes harder for customers. Therefore giving access to the users to pay the amount with the online payment modes is always a better idea.

Things to Do After the Abandonment of Cart
  • Develop an HTML abandoned cart e-mail
  • You can send personalized e-mail to the customers with a link to their carts
  • Create open-source responsive e-mail templates

These were some of how you can tackle the cart abandonment problems. You can try out these before and after tricks to efficiently come out of this situation.







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