Create Amazing Web Design – Add Humorous Tint to It

If you are creating a web design, then the ultimate motive behind this is to grasp the attention of the audience. Adding different emotional appeal is a crucial part while designing web designing. You might have also experimented with different techniques to meet this purpose, but have you ever tried to adding humor in web design?

Yes, humor is an essential part of our lives, and without this, our experience can never be positive. Humor connects instantly with us, and thus we get attracted to it. But why we often overlook it when we create a web design? Don’t you think it is crucial in this also? Yes, there are several other reasons why you need to consider humor for your web design, plus there are various ways to add it. Here we will discuss how you can utilize the fun as a tool while designing.

Types of Humor in Web Design


Comparison is one of the ways that has come a long way. And it’s being used by many for different purposes. In web designing also, one can use comparison to add humor. It’s about putting two aspects of the web design in front of each other and creates a humorous contrast.


Making use of plants, animals, and such other elements are called personification. It works to attribute human characteristics to such items, and this is also a way to add humor to the web design. It helps the users to understand the complex information given easily and with humor. You can take the example of ‘Meomi.’ Its design has fun characters that move and responds when you scroll over them. Don’t you think it is a far better idea to engage your viewers in your web design?


The fantastic way to add humor in web design is by using puns. It is to use language to create new meaning that will generate fun. One can take the benefit of puns. It can be used to make your customers remind certain parts of your web. It is essential for you that the visitors on your web design remember you.


Humor in web design can help the designers to get better results. It can effectively engage the audience. Remember fun can do wonders even in the web design.







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