Bringing User Interface to Life – Functional Animation

Don’t you think that the new mobile screen, which you are accessing, is far better than the one which you used to witness before? Yes, more alive and real the screen is, great will be the user experience. Motion plays a vital role in making things look alive! Functional animation is also one such thing that is useful for reducing cognitive load, and further, it adds meaning to the screen the user is witnessing.

Feedback with a Button

You might have seen the button option, which you use in your smartphones to give feedback. Yes, those are also a part of functional animation and even a better way of providing feedback. In this way, the user does not have to put much effort into giving feedback. There is no requirement of writing long paragraphs; one can easily use this button to tell what they think. The button feedback looks real to the user as if they are pressing a button.

Actions Are Visualized

One significant benefit of the functional animation is that it helps the user to visualize the activities the user is doing. Let us take an easy example of password animation with number buttons. When the user presses those buttons, they also get to visualize what is happening. They know if they are inserting the wrong or right password. It is beneficial in telling if the person accessing the screen is going right or wrong.

Tells the Progress

Have you ever done online shopping? If yes, then, have you ever wondered about how you will track your order without functional animation? Yes, this is one more platform where the use of motion animation is playing a crucial role. One relies on these, know if your order is accepted, or it’s processed further or not.

One can also take the example of doing online transactions. While paying money online, one can witness an animation that tells about the processing of your payments. In this manner, the user visualizes if their money is successfully transferred or not.


Design is much more than just a visual representation. Adding motion is vital to make the virtual screens more alive. One can utilize functional animation in a better way to enhance the user experience. It can help to understand things more clearly because one is visualizing the things going on. Therefore functional animation is bringing user interface to life undoubtedly.







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