4 UI trends 2020 – Get Equipped with New Designing Tools

Each year, the speedy growth of technology gives rise to design trends, so how will you determine 4 UI trends 2020? Yes, being a designer, you come across this confusion many times. Therefore, to learn and to improve by knowing the current and the future trends is the need of the hour.

Furthermore, which factors are influencing the 4 UI trends 2020, and what amazing tools are you going to get? Let us find out here.

Exclusive 4 UI trends 2020

1.    Virtual Reality

Be it healthcare, military, interactive education, or any other firm; Virtual Reality plays a vital role. Especially if you are fond of games, you might know well about this UI trend, which was a hit in 2019, and it is not going anywhere in 2020 as well.

Undoubtedly in the last few years, this design trend has seen a lot of advancement and excitement in VR headsets and especially in the gaming world. Furthermore, you will see some new generation consoles this year, from Sony and Microsoft. It takes the user into a complete 3D aura, which allows them to discover and understand a virtual representation of a specific room.

2.    Augmented Reality

Time has come when designers have started to think outside the box and want to take UI to the next level rather than sticking to the screen interface only. Yes, in the list of Top 4 UI trends 2020, here you have Augmented Reality. Making the interaction fell like happening in the real-world environment is the vision that designers are seeking. One can expect AR to grow this year as a lot of large companies are investing in this. Moreover, Apple may also give you some marvellous surprise soon with their AR products.

3.    Artificial Intelligence

From Siri and Alexa to Cogito and Pandora, you will find the presence of this UI trend everywhere. Yes, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence. Do not feel surprised if you will see AI in every third product near you in 2020. Thanks to UI for the better experience to the user, as it focuses more on the behavior of customers.

4.    3D Graphics

One more significant design trend in the top 4 UI trends 2020 is the 3D graphics. Count any of the sectors from movies, adverts, games and much more, you will find it everywhere. Since, it allows the designers to develop amazing 3D graphics into mobile interfaces, it us undoubtedly a must to know UI trend.


To walk with the latest trend going in the market one needs to keep on updating themselves. Therefore check out these top 4 UI trends 2020.






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