20 Beautiful Dark Websites

Below are 20 beautiful dark websites, covering everything from minimalist design and simple navigation to parallax scrolling.

  1. Emanuele Milella
    Portfolio of Emanuele Milella. Creative Director & Interactive Designer.
  2. Vold
    Next Generation all-in-one web management platform that does everything you need to manage your site — and your business.
  3. Pitok Motor Museum
    An independent small motor museum with many stories and vintage motorcycle restored with passion
  4. Playful Creative Collective
    Playful specialises in art direction & moving picture campaigns, merging live action with cgi & new technologies to craft captivating animations & short films.
    Beauty straight out of the garage. Studiogusto meets a team of avant-garde automotive services in this new digital experience we like calling The Human Machine.
  6. Yannis Yannakopoulos
    Personal website of the freelance developer Yannis Yannakopoulos.
  7. Black Milk
    Healthy and useful product in an unusual package and with a cool feed
  8. Davide Mascioli – Portfolio
    WE+AR TRBL is a fashion startup producing wearable displays for TRBL MKRS
  10. Shape Studio
    Shape is a specialist design and fabrication studio‌.‌ We create unique spatial experiences for commercial clients specialising in interiors‌,‌ exhibitions‌,‌ artworks and events‌.‌
  11. Moooi Digital Flagship Store
    Step into the very first multi-sensory online shopping experience, immersing users in Moooi’s imaginative vision while being fully compliant with Web Accessibility standards.
  12. Studio—BA®
    Multidisciplinary Design Practice by Designer Bruno Arizio.
  13. adidas CONFIRMED
    A full mktg strategy, webpage, & visual ecosystem to launch CONFIRMED, the hypest app ever from adidas.
  14. Huluween: The Screamlands
    Take a trip to Huluween’s The Screamlands — a hair-raising, haunted house experience that will make your wildest nightmares come true.
  15. 2 years of Obys Agency
    2 years of Obys agency: projects, events and a lot of dancing. Celebrate with us!
  16. Five years of -99
    An experimental website celebrating five years of -99 design studio by shedding light on some of the achievements and highlights of the studio.
  17. Polarstern Capital
    Polarstern Capital is a blockchain investing fund for legitimate investments in crypto assets and precious metals.
  18. Juraj Molnár – Creative Director
    Juraj Molnár is designer and front-end developer. He works as the Creative Director at Buzzworthy Studio in Brooklyn, while also taking on freelance projects that pique his interest.
  19. wecargo
    The not-to-be-missed event of 2019 for the Cargo industry.
  20. Editorial New
    Editorial New is a precise and elegant narrow serif typeface that was designed for the long-form copy with a big enough personality to make a statement as a title.






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